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Information about seller registration on E-commerce marketplace

Now sell On Amazon Flipkart Snapdeal Paytm And more. Our last post explained about “gst registration process for E-commerce seller” Click here, Now your GST is ready to sell online products in India. In this post, We will cover “Register seller account with E-commerce marketplaces”.
Once your GST certification is ready, Now you are able to register seller account on flipkart or register amazon seller account or Paytm Or Shopclues etc.
Note : If you are going to sell books online india is GSTIN exceptional and you don’t need GST to sell your books. exceptional Means “There is gst exempted actions on books category in marketplaces like Amazon.

Lets Launch marketplace registration

As a beginners with marketplace, You can start your business with less than 20k or you can start a business with 10000 also, But you should have that much of enough knowledge to manage the business operations. Because operations are not so easy and if you are going to start register with marketplaces, Example : Amazon & Flipkart,
Its not makes any changes in business. But it creates the opportunity to expand your best business in low budget within span of months. Here will tell few common operations about E-commerce marketplace,
1,Catalog Management : This is the art of your products or services manager, When it comes to catalog – Again few more operations.
2.Order Management : Managing day to day orders within committed service level agreement is not an easy task, Again few more operations will come under the order management,
3.Accounts : This is the crucial part in E-commerce marketplace business. Because Many failures are not only created by single hand, Failure is the result of long chain with elaborated lengthy invisible hands.
Lets keep all the above a side, Because once you registered with any marketplace you will get seller management services guidelines or there lot of video tutorials and FAQ’s.

Register with eCommerce marketplace and sell products online

Now lets go to the Amazon and Flpkart seller account registration process,

Now Lets register as an online seller Amazon,
Search for sell on amazon OR Visit our Amazon seller registration page for easy quick seller registration with Amazon
As shown image above, Once you enter the seller registration page Fill all the required information and upload documents as per Amazon or Flipkart marketplace requirement. Once all the data and document process is completed, Your seller central account will be activated within few minutes. Now its time to start your own business from home or office, Its an E-commerce world and you control your start-up in anywhere.

Most profitable eCommerce business

Now hunting towards managing the operation, Meanwhile profitability. E-commerce Profitability factor : When its comes to profitability is all left on your head. Because as per data, Today E-commerce industry is running under loss, But its not stopped yet and its getting more and more fund to expand their business. How ever, Now you are in the ground to play the game. Play the game in best way, Because there are lot of players on the ground to play the same game.
As industry grows ecommerce seller services grows, There are lot of E-commerce seller partner services and they are authorized to provide “ecommerce selling registration services from Marketplace”. If you connect with them, Service partner can offer seller launch services, creating amazon, Flipkart and more seller account to start eCommerce business in bigger way. As per Amazon, They have professional amazon selling partner services which authorized from Amazon. They will offer best E-commerce marketplace service at best price.

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This post we completed , How to register E-commerce marketplace seller account and our next post will explain about how to add product on All marketplaces.