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What is Corona and impact on jobs|business and share market|Real estate and more effects in India

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Corona disease and impacts

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1.What is corona and when its started,
2.Corona virus impact on china economy,
3. Corona virus impact on jobs,
4.Corona virus effect on business in India,
5.How to get back your business from corona effect,
The world is running to get tips to corona. Corona virus is one of the death disease maker in human and it can kill people easily.More over the corona impacted on many countries economy and environment. Because of the corona virus, countries are shutter down their entire business operations and huge job loss from corona effect.

What is corona virus and how its started

Corona virus is the group of related to animal virus and first discovered at 1930’s, But effectively reported At 2019 December Wuhan city in China. Covid-19 reached the entire world by confirming thousands lakhs of positive cases in each individual countries, More over 7600 positive cases are confirmed in India at 11th April, 249 deaths from corona effect and 774 recovered from the diseases. However as of 11th April today 1710338 confirmed positive corona cases in the world and deaths are crossed more than lakhs.

Covid-19 effect on china economy

Corona effect on china economy has lost half of the growth in during the first quarter compared to 2019. Related to industries results are fall down 13.5% in the month of January and February compare to 2019 development. Corona virus first started at china and its spread to many people and spoil the growth in china, Meanwhile covid-19 spread into the entire world and spoiling world economy at 2020.

Corona virus or covid-19 impact on jobs

When its comes to job, Many People will loose their jobs due to covid-19 effect. As we all know, India lock-down start date is 25th March 2020 and after 18 days also no more words to India lock-down end date. Day to day more positive corona cases getting confirm and India health department is moving with more corona check-up units to identify the the people who has a diseases. So no more thinking about lockdown end date and it can continue up-to 30th April or May also. All depending on growth of diseases in the country, In-This scenario there is no operations are running in India. All small companies or Big companies are closed now for more than a month by paying salary. Here many companies are paying 50% of the salary and few more 30% of the salary due to this corona effect, Meanwhile companies are taking the work through online. Here Employee has to work from home through online, But full salary will not be credited due corona.
Later days companies will enter into the loss by paying salary more than the company income. So how long company can bear the loss and few days later company will fire the employees to escape from the business losses. More over all this happened from unexpected corona diseases and must move forward to get growth in business carrier.

Covid-19 effect on business in India

Complete India has been locked from 25th March and it might continue till May first week also. Due to this lock-down action in India, All the business operation are shutter down and no transport – No shops – All mall theater are closed. People are siting in home due to covid-19. Then how possible to expect growth in India economy, Day 2 day economy is going down due to corona diseases. Even India lock might extend to May month also, Its huge fall down in India economy.

Get back your business or Job from corona effect

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