GST Services

GST Services

GST means “Goods and Service Tax” is an indirect tax on the supply of goods and services. If we want to start any services or product-based business, We need to register the GST and once the process completed, Can be eligible to start your services or product-based business. GST is the one point of a system which will help in saving time, cost and effort.

Basically GST has 3 types,

*CGST – Central Goods and Service Tax: CGST is one type of GST and it’s completely handled by the central government,
*SGST – State Goods and Services Tax: SGST is one type of GST and it’s completely handled by State Government,
*IGST – Integrated Goods and Services Tax: IGST is one type of GST and it is charged on the supply of products and services from one state to another state.

Our services with GST

We do the GST registration for Goods and service-based business. If you are interested to get gstin for online selling like gstin for amazon or Flipkart or Paytm Or Shopclues etc. We will get a GST certificate with a hassle-free GST registration service online. We will collect all the required documentation for registration and our team will verify the document. Once the document approved from our GST expert, Process will go registration.

Required documents for GST – Goods and service tax registration

*Documents for Individuals and Sole Proprietors :
Owner’s PAN card,
Owner’s Aadhaar card,
Owner’s photograph,
Proof of business address,

*Documents for Partnerships and LLPs :
Partnership deed,
PAN cards of partners involved,
Photographs of partners involved,
Address proof of partners involved,
Aadhaar card of any authorized signatory,
Signatory’s proof of appointment,
Pan card of Partnership firm for LLP registration,

why GST number is required in India

As we mentioned above, GSTIN is the combination of goods and service tax. GST number is the identification number for any registered business under GST law. However, if you are going to start any product-based business, You need to purchase products and sell them again. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a GST number, there will be no claiming option for your input tax.
Input tax: Means If any vendor purchase’s a product from any GST registered distributor or manufacturer, Will get the GST tax invoice.
Ex: You purchased X product at Rs 10 and sold at Rs 12.
In the month of the end, you need to file tax for your business. Here if you don’t have GST, You cant be able to represent as a registered business and you cant be able to get back input tax for your Rs 10. Because tax already paid by supplier and you need to pay tax only for remaining Rs 2. All these happen only if you have GST OR you will lose your profit.

Hassle free GST registration service

If any candidate wants to register their GST for e-commerce online or any other business or services, It can possible through the GST portal. You need to visit the GST portal and need to submit GST registration documents as per requirement through a portal. We have already explained about required documents for an individual firm and a Partnership firm. Moreover, if you have any document related queries, You can search for alternative documents for same,
Example: If you don’t have Adhar, You can submit your driving license also. Meanwhile, if you follow the instruction as per the GST portal, You will be able to register your GST online yourself and it’s completely free of cost. Here no need to pay any GST registration charges, Because As per data there are no GST registration fees and whatever present GST registration charge is paying is charted accountant or GST service provider service charges. It might get vary based on business company standards or any service provider standards. There is no possibility to sell products through online Without GST and E-commerce strictly follows the business law. If you are going to do a business of 1k or 100000K also GSTIN is mandatory. There is one possibility to start an online business is GST exempted category. Example: Books category is GST exempted category and you don’t need to register GST for this category. You just need to collect complete book products data and start ready to sell online.

However if you are looking for New business GSTIN registration – Fill-Up the Form at our contact us page.

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