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Mi Mix Alpha 5G Smartphone 2020

Mi Mix Alpha 5G unique smartphone

For the first time smartphone industry going to launch new features “Mix surround display concept” smartphone. Xiaomi going to introduce “Mix Alpha 5G” with an extended display from front to back endless screen,
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*This smartphone added with more innovative display technology comes with a complete front screen and display replace the side screen frame with full-back display phone with more sensors compared to normal smartphones. Alpha 5G comes with in-built humidity and air quality sensors.

*Camera features come with 108MP ultra-high-resolution camera (Samsung HMX, 12032*9024 ultra-high resolution108MP,0.8pm, 1/1.33 image sensor size), 20MP ultra-wide-angle camera (Sony IMX350, 1/2.8 image sensor size, 1.5cm macro photography) and a 12MP telephone camera (Samsung S5K2L7 12MP, 1/2.55 image sensor size, Supports dual PD face detection focus).
EXtreme delicate with Extreme clarity – Feel the best high-resolution from 108 million pixels. You can Zoom, Zoom and Zoom again to see an extreme amount of detail.

*Alpha 5G comes built with “Titanium alloy”, Which is hailed as space metal to make phone lightness and more strength to meet a new peak in the smartphone industry. Also, Mix Alpha 5G inherited Mi Mix’s classic ceramic with sapphire camera lens protection cover.

*Mix Alpha 5G Phone battery comes with 4050mah Nano Silicon-Based, 40w wired lithium-ion battery to accommodate fast charging. For the first-time smartphone industry achieved 10°C low temperature charging strength with alpha 5G.
*Alpha 5G performance comes with Snapdragon 855+ processor, designed especially for 5G and 12GB Ram with ultra-fast UFS3 Point 0 512GB read-write storage.

Material used to build Mi Mix Alpha 5G Smartphone

*Aerospace grade titanium alloy: Strong, Hard, Low density, 1.3 times stronger than 7 series aluminum alloy.
*Sapphire glass: Highly recommended in the high-end watch making industry and sapphire glass gives you the more durability.
*Precession ceramic for the beautiful, Black and elegant fusion of modern smartphone technology world.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip specification reviews

Samsung 6.7inch display Galaxy Z Flip powerful smartphone 2020

Official launch date : 26/02/2020,
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the most powerful and foldable smartphones, Here is the full specification for Samsung Galaxy Z flip,
*Available color: Mirror purple, Mirror black,
*Display: 6.7inch Infinity Flex Display 1080×2636 px, 425 PPI
*Camera: Comes with dual primary camera’s 12MP + 12MP with LED flash and 10MP front camera,
*Wireless Powershare: Z flip comes with wireless PowerShare feature, With this feature can charge wireless earbuds, Smartwatches, Another Samsung smartphones, (Another device should be compatible with “Qi wireless Charging standards,
*Storage: It has big internal storage capacity comes with 256GB,
*Processing speed: Comes with A powerful 7nm processor and 8GB RAM let you Livestream,
*Bixby: Its an app from Samsung and it helps you to focus on what matter most,
*Bixby Vision: Bixby Vision one of the intelligent feature in Galaxy Z flip and it allows you to get information about the world around you simply by opening your camera,
*Cinema-grade display: Experience the HDR10+ certified viewing with Z flip,
*Eye care display: This display technology Reduces eyestrain and sleeps disturbances without sacrificing color,
*Samsung Knox: Its a secure mobile platform solution feature. It helps to keep data very safe and secure and helps to separate personal and business data safely,
*Authentication: Its a security feature and it helps to Unlock your phone with Face Recognition, Fingerprint Scan, or a PIN, pattern, or password,
*4K UHD Recording: This feature helps to record high-quality 4k videos,
*Photo and Video Bokeh: This feature helps to Blur out backgrounds and add bokeh effects for artistic photos and videos,
*Super steady: This feature helps to make action shots look easy.
*Custom Filter: This feature helps to create your own filters based on colors of a photo you love,
*Connectivity: It supports Up to 1.0Gbps LTE keeps you downloading and streaming with little lag.
What’s in the manufacturer box: 1 Z flip Smart Phone, Charging adapter and cable, Earphone, Case and Sim ejector pin.

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Amazon selling fees by category

Selling fees with Amazon

One stop solution for quick sales and quick payment. Start selling with Amazon and get payment after 7 days of your sales and here fees from Amazon,

Selling with Amazon has 3 types of fees,

*Referral Fees: Referral means, If you get sales from Amazon portal, Then there are referral fees per category and fees will be calculated based on category and price band, Below is the few referral fees by category,
*Accessories – Electronics, PC & wireless : 16.5%,
*Apparel – Accessories: 17%,
*Apparel – Innerwear : 12%,
*Apparel – Sleepwear: 12%,
*Apparel (Upto INR 300): 13%,
*Apparel (Morethan INR 300): 17%,
*Automotive – Lubricants, Car parts and helmet, Vehicle care and tools: 6.5%,
*Automotive Accessories: 13%,
*Automotive other sub-categories: 18%,
*Automotive Tyre and rims: 5%,
*Automotive Vehicle: 2%,
*Baby products: 6%,
*Backpacks: 7%,
*Bean bag and inflatables: 10%,
*Beauty – Fragrance (Upto INR 250) : 7.5%,
*Beauty – Fragrance (More-than INR 250) : 12.5%,
*Beauty products: 4%,
*Bicycles: 6%,
*Books (Upto INR 1000): 7%,
*Books (Morethan INR 1000): 13%,
*BISS equipment (Under INR 15000) : 11.5%,
*BISS equipment (Under INR 15000) : 5%,
*Cables – Electronics, PC, Wreless : 20%,
*Camera accessories : 11%,
*Camera lenses : 7%,
*Camera and cam recoreder : 5%,
*Car electronc devices : 5.5%,
*Carpets and Aprons under INR 250 : 6%,
*Carpets and Aprons morethan INR 250 : 11%,
*Cases/Covers/Screenguars (Upto INR 300) : 17%,
*Clocks : 8%,
*Coins collectibles : 15%,
*Consumable physical gift card : 5%,
*Craft materials : 7.5%,
*Destops : 6.5%,
*Entertainement collectibles (Upto INR 300) : 13%,
*Entertainement collectibles (Morethan INR 300) : 17%,
*Eyeware : 8.5%,
*Fashion jewellery : 21.5%,
*Fine art : 20%,
*Fine Jewellery (Gold coins) : 2%,
*Fine jewellery (Studded) : 8%,
*Fine jewellery (Studded and solitaire) : 5%,
*Flip Flops and slippers : 10.5%,
*Furniture (Under INR 15000) : 13%,
*Furniture (Morethan INR 15000) : 10%,
*GPS devices : 13.5%,
*Grocery and gourmet : 4%,
*Gym equipmens : 9%,
*Household supplies, Personal care and ayurveda : 4%,

Above mentioned is showing few category selling fees and kindly refer official Amazon site for complete information.

For more info, Visit Amazon official webpage for selling fees – Click here

Fixed closing fees as per price band,

*Easy ship (Excluding easyship prime):
INR 0-250 : INR 2,
INR 251-500 : INR 5,
INR 501-1000 : INR 25,
INR 1000+ : INR 50,

*Easy ship prime :
INR 0-250 : INR 5,
INR 251-500 : INR 8,
INR 501-1000 : INR 23,
INR 1000+ : INR 43,

*Self shipped :
INR 0-250 : INR 6,
INR 251-500 : INR 16,
INR 501-1000 : INR 32,
INR 1000+ : INR 59,

Easy shipping fees (Courier fees)

Upto 500gms : INR 38 Local, INR 46 Regional, INR 66 National,
Each additional 500gms (Upto 1kg) : INR 16 Local, INR 21 Regional, INR 25 National,
Each additional Kg (After 1kg) : INR 10 Local, INR 15 Regional, INR 20 National,

Oversize products,

Upto 5kgs : INR 101 Local, INR 116 Regional, INR 166 National,
Each additional Kg : INR 10 Local, INR 11 Regional, INR 14 National,

Heavy and Bulky items,

Upto 12kgs : INR 241 Local, INR 321 Regional,
Each additional Kg : INR 3 Local, INR 4 Regional,