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Looking for professional web development services for your business profile page website OR creating a personal website OR portfolio website development services for your personal resume website OR profile page for an e-commerce website is the best way to grow your business towards the digital world. If you are looking for a website design company in Bangalore India is the best option to hire experienced web designers and web developers for your business. however, If your business wants to handled by the best website design company in the world, Here is the one-stop solution for your requirements.

We “Aicommerce” website development services agency will offer the multi-website design services like Profile-based website development fall under service or skills showcase and commercial websites like E-commerce websites for your business. We use the Admin-friendly platform to handle your business, Meanwhile, we create a user-friendly website with responsive for all devices like mobile Tablet desktop.

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What is a web development service and how it works

Website development is the skill and represents the skill towards the digital world by creating a set of related pages like profile showcase or service showcase or product showcase or information showcase under the single domain by storing the data in web servers. These web servers will be located anywhere in the world and responding to the user input over the digital connections. If you are a small start-up or Big venture can start doing business through internet technology.
Here your company service or products are offered to do commercial activities like selling products over the internet and collecting payment directly into your bank account. all these activities made through secured internet technologies and there will be a huge chance to acquire more business. Moreover internet business model handled through high secured format and no need to be worried about transactions.

If you have a profile based website like offering onsite services or News updates or Skill can be showcased and shown through digital networks. This activity will help to increase business networks over different internet platforms like social media, Streaming domain, etc.
If your business or profile developed by top web development companies will give the best result for internet users by optimizing and managing your website.

Our services with Website development

We “Aicommerce” is a group of the experienced website development team and our team has more than 10+ years of experience with website development. We are the professional web development services agency by the expert’s team and our web experts will work on,
*Domain name identification and registration,
*Suitable server space identification and registration,
*Suitable platform identification and installation,
*Suitable theme identification and installation,
*If required can readily do theme custom development immediately,
*Suitable extension or plugin management with ready to do customization as per your requirement,
*Tools integration for your business.
*Website design and development service at best price,
*Personal website development services,
*Website development support services,
*Website development and hosting services,
*Website development services blog,
*Dynamic website development services,
*Ecommerce website design & development services,
*Complete Ecommerce website development company services,
*Financial services website development,
*Healthcare website development services,
*Corporate website development services,
*Woocommerce website development services,
*Shopify website development services.

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Different types of website design development services

When its comes website design will have different types of website development for your business and you need to find which is the best type of website development is suitable for your business within the digital world. Here is the types of website we offer,
1.Static website,
2.Dynamic website,

difference between static and dynamic web service
*Static website development: Static website development fall under limited webpages like business profile website or Portfolio website. This type of website serves limited pages like a landing page, contact us pages with privacy policy data. These website designs are used to showcase profile or company services within the limited pages to serve better into there customer or visitor network.

*Dynamic website development: Dynamic website development fall under multi webpages like an E-commerce website, News channel websites, Manufacturer information websites, etc. This type of website serves unlimited webpages with many more features within the website.

However static websites will serve limited webpages to spread or display or showcase the information within the digital world and static websites are not going to make any commercial activities like digital payment processing or selling any products. But if you wish to do commercial activities in static website is possible and can be done through the web developer side.
Dynamic websites will serve unlimited webpages like millions of products or services or digital products and those websites will do all types of commercial activities like selling products, Collecting payment over the electronic network itself.

What is website development services and How much does it cost

Website development service is the place to enrich your business by adding additional digital stamina. We “Aicommerce” is the best website development company in Bangalore India serves into the entire world by giving suitable digital stamina into the web business world.
However, If you are looking at the cost for your basic website design, Cost will be decided in many aspects like Domain name purchase, Hosting server purchase, Suitable Theme purchase, and few useful plugins to enrich your content in digital marketing. Or else as a beginner, you can just plan for the free theme and free plugins to reduce simple website development costs for your small business website development services.
But if you are going to hire custom website development services or enterprise web development services or e-commerce website development for your business costs needs to meet basic requirements. You need to look into the best suitable domain name for your business and suitable server and responsive theme for your business. Meanwhile, there might be a requirement to buy some additional useful modules for your business to grow digitally. All these activities are the key roller for your business and they will play with the best role by building better growth for your business.

What is domain name and domain server space for website

Domain name means “Where the internet users can identify your business or profile within the name called domain name”.This domain name will be considered as URL (universal resource locator) and it can direct the digital users into your business area, however, its a name and it’s not any tool or device or anything.
Domain server means “Where the developer or agency can store your business or service domain information within the limited disk space”. However, when it comes to the server space, It has different types of services like
*Shared server,
*Dedicated server,
Shared server space means, “There are multiple domain owners can store the data inside the same server” And Dedicated server space means “Where individual domain information stored within one physical server”.

what is domain name server and how it works

Difference between a shared hosting server and dedicated hosting server for your business

We already explained about the difference between static website development and dynamic website development to understand the types of websites. If you are a beginner or If you wanted to host limited web pages, Can easily choose a shared web hosting server and your business will have limited web pages and limited website visitors.
But if you are going to host a dynamic website or millions of webpages with a huge number of visitors must choose a dedicated server.
Shared web hosting server will have limited data storage place and limited visitor capacity for your business and once the limitation breaches, You will start facing issues. It’s like if you choose a shared hosting plan, Plan will have limited storage disk space and there will be a limitation on monthly visitors into your website. Here you should work under the limitations.
Dedicated web hosting server is an enterprise server and allocated to your business domain only, These servers will not have any limitations to store your business data or visitor level. Here you can store a huge number of data and you can have millions of visitors without any issues.

Diffrence between a shared hosting server and dedicated hosting server for your business
However these days internet technologies are coming up with many more future options to serve better into the visitors. If you wanted to deliver the content faster method can follow few better technologies like CDN. This CDN – Content delivery network will help to deliver the content in a huge faster way. Here CDN will act as a server and if any websites enroll in CDN technologies, CDN will store or create the cache server in multi-locations. These multi location-based cache servers will help to reduce the distance between the origin server and End-user.

How to choose a domain name and domain server space for your business

Choosing domain name is a very crucial part of the new web business-Because Domain name is one of the main key-roller of generating more visitors or more business into your organization or your business representer over the internet world. However when you are planning to buy a domain, First understand your business and find out the unique word to define your business. If your domain name describes your business means, There will big chance to acquire interested users easily into your business. So when you are choosing a domain name should unique and do some research to get the best word for your business representer.
Choosing domain server space is not a constant and you will have the option to decide, Which server space suitable for your business. However, if you are a small business owner or You want to create a profile based website or you wanted to showcase your company services can go for shared web hosting. Because your domain will have limited web pages and limited visitors into your website.
But if you are going to host large websites like commercial activities website with a huge number of pages and unlimited website visitors must go dedicated server. However, domain server space can be chosen by your side, or your hired website development agency will do this.

Why Website development services are required for business

Basically website development services are the web skills offered by different organizations or Agency’s and service partner will be taken care of Domain name identification, Server space allocation, Platform development for your domain, Theme customization for your business, Suitable plugin management for your business, Data and database allocation for your domain, Custom integration for your marketing, Suitable design management for your business, etc.
Professional agencies will provide the best result oriented service by experienced developers and designers. Here You will get many more suggestions from the beginning like choosing your domain, Choosing domain server space, Platform technologies, Choosing a suitable theme for your business or Customization as per your expectation and integrating supportable apps and more.

Our conclusion with website development services

Basically you might be a small business owner or employee of some organization or you might be a big entrepreneur in offline business and wanted to get into the web world. Now the steps you are going to take are really great as per the business strategy. Because of the offline business, If they fail to get into online in a few years, There might assure a big chance to lose their business and go home. Getting into an online business is the best way to expand your business in the current digital world. As we can see, there are a lot of things are changing day to day towards the digital world by using many platforms like social media’s and people are engaging with the internet, Even it’s growing like a bullet train.
However, if you wanted to stay on your business successfully – Forgot about old traditional methods and upgrade into the digital world.

Why choose us for your website development

Every entrepreneurship is unique and we value those entrepreneurs, Here we do the best within our services to get the better result for your business. Our team is experienced in multi roles with different domains. That means our team is worked as an employee for many years for commercial and non-commercial industry and now those who hungered to be a success in their passion are working with us as family. Our aim is to do the best as per industry and dedicate the best into the digital world.
However, we don’t push you to choose our service, But before choosing a service provider, Understand the service provider expertise and teamwork.

We believe on quality of the work – not a quantity of the work